[Picture of Fattie The Cat]

Fattie is built like a football. Fattie was larger than his litter mates from day one... thereby earning his name.

Fattie is a polititian. We're not sure what office he's running for, but he still kisses a lot of butt. Fattie will give just about anyone a bath. His particular favorite, however, is Peligro. The two are inseparable buddies.

Fattie is a Fahren Heights original. His mother and three older siblings (Big Crazy, Little Crazy, and Ted) were living under the house. Before a trip to the vet could be arranged for mama to stem the never ending flow of kittens, she did it again and had a litter of 5 kittens. The kittens were born in an antique wardrobe in the master bedroom of Fahren Heights on August 12, 1995.

Fattie, Faux Fattie, Streak, Faux Streak, and Fudge Brownie all lived with their mama and older siblings on the grounds of Fahren Heights. Unfortunately, some terrible events took place that have since changed the rules for the cats. First, Streak and Faux Streak disappeared. To this day we have no idea what happened to them. Shortly thereafter Faux Fattie and Fudge Brownie met a grisly demise as victims of either a large dog or coyote (we don't know which). When their lifeless mangled bodies were found we were sure that Fattie was a goner too. However, Fattie and his sister Ted had managed to get up the neighbor's tree and meowed pathetically and were discovered. Because of this disaster, the cats of Fahren Heights are all now indoor cats. However, Fattie's sister Ted wouldn't stay in regardless and disappeared one night some time later. Fattie's mama and remaining siblings (Big Crazy and Little Crazy who were wild cats) also subsequently disappeared. Although Big Crazy has been spotted around Fahren Heights from time-to-time, Fattie is the last of his family seen on a regular basis.

Fattie is a jealous fellow. If Peligro gets on anyone's lap or is receiving affection, Fattie insists on jumping up and taking the affection for himself. Peligro generally gets disgusted and leaves... and then Fattie loses interest and leaves himself. This, ultimately, leaves the human with a cold lap... why can't Fattie just leave well enough alone? Silly critter.

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