[Picture of Ginny The Cat]

Ginny came from Friends For Life animal shelter. This adorable little calico tabby, along with tortie G.G., were adopted at the local Petsmart. Ginny is a very friendly cat and has some of the softest fur of any cat we've ever known.

Ginny was named, interestingly enough, because of her nervousness upon first arriving at Fahren Heights: she barfed a lot. A certain person named Jennifer was know in the past to get really nervous and throw-up... so, just modify the name a bit and you have "Ginny."

Ginny is naughty (then again, aren't all cats ;-). She has taught the other cats tricks. Her favorite is climbing curtains. She can actually make it all the way up (in various clever ways) to walk along the top of the living room curtain rods. G.G. has followed her lead successfully. More amusingly, however, was when Meso climbed his fat self up to the precarious heights and discovered that it was indeed scary for a fat cat such as himself. As a consequence of her predeliction to climbing, we are designing up a system to make the whole operation safer. The plan is to put shelves above the top of the curtains and provide a set of platforms in the corner of the living room. This will allow all of the cats to safely explore the heights without (hopefully) destroying everything.  Here's a picture of our mountaineer in action in the kitchen (another place that needs a shelf... or an iron pipe for a curtain rod).

[Picture of Ginny The Cat on The Curtain Rod]

Ginny wouldn't mind coming on vacation with us (or at least she'll give it a try).

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Ginny isn't a lap cat.  She is more of a leg cat.  She likes to sit straddling a persons leg with her head by their knee.  This is fine except for her needle-like claws that she massages just above the knee cap.

Ginny has a funny habit.  She likes to close the bathroom door.   Often times when she does this, Binkle is on the other side.  Maybe she doesn't care for all of the noise he makes.

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