[Picture of Howard the Cat]

First off, Howard is a girl. Weird? Well, when Howard arrived at Fahren Heights even her vet wasn't sure what sex she was. Also, although Howard is her "real" name, she almost always goes by "Howie." Ted (Fattie's sister) found her in our back yard a few days after Halloween 1996. She had been injured most likely by a car engine. Her back end by her tail was pretty torn up and infected. We took her to the vet and she was well cared for and recovered. She apparently has some nerve damage by her tail and is sensitive (doesn't like being touched back there) and also has some white hairs back there (otherwise she's all jet black).

Howie is a ripper. She used to have a box in the kitchen known as "The Woodji Box." Well, actually, it WAS once a box. Howie (and Meso) ripped chunks off of the box to the point where there wasn't much left of it. Eventually the box was replaced by a nice soft cat bed that they enjoy just as well. Anyway, she still likes to rip paper when she gets the chance. This also contributes to her occasional nickname of "Howeird." She leaves major messes when she's in a ripping mood!

Howie is a princess. When the cats are give a stinky cat food treat (that yechy canned stuff they love so much), Howie gets hers on a separate piece of waxed paper. She wouldn't eat off of the paper with the other cats, we felt sorry for her, and now she gets her own little dab on her own sheet of waxed paper. She's trained us well.

Howie is Meso's girlfriend. These two enjoy playing together. Wrestling and just hanging out together. Sometimes they're just like two of the velociraptors from "Jurassic Park." Howie and Meso have been known to gang-up on other cats. At the very least, it can be depended upon that Howie and Meso will stick up for each other.

Howie hates Binkle. She will bite him if given the chance. She will pummel him without mercy. She just doesn't like him at all (and the feeling is mutual). Although occasionally Binkle will get the best of her (he has cornered her and given her a good pummeling), she generally whoops him good... and if she isn't winning, Meso will help her out as needed.

Actually, its very apropos that her and Meso should play together because Howard was named after Dr. Howard Bluestein who is a major world-famous weather scientist. The biggest difference here is that Meso generally chases Howard, whereas, in the case of her namesake, it's the other way around.

The picture shown below is what Howie thinks she is (graceful)...

howard.gif (9982 bytes)

However, Howie is probably the clumsiest cat we've ever seen. She's pretty fun to watch because she's just a klutz. She is, however, a very nice cat, no matter how uncoordinated.

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