[Picture Meso The Siamese Cat]

Meso is the only pure-bred at Fahren Heights. Owing to his crossed eyes and too prominent tabby markings he was considered "pet quality" (as if that could ever be considered a derogitory term). Meso spent at least a month at the pet store before coming to Fahren Heights. Once seen, he stayed in the memory until he just HAD to have his freedom purchased.

Meso is a typical crazy, friendly, curious, scratchy-voiced, and just place nice guy. He's your basic good siamese friend. Meso is short for Meso-Psycho (a more appropriate variant of Meso-Cyclone). This name is appropriate because he has been known to leave F5 destruction in his path. For those unfamiliar with the Fujita scale, F5 is as bad as a tornado gets... complete anihilation... Yep, that's Meso. For example, here is what he does to innocent toilet paper rolls:

[Picture of Meso The Siamese Cat Attacking a Roll of Toilet Paper]

As if destroying toilet paper weren't enough entertainment, Meso has other ideas as well. The cats of only get into the master bedroom one of three ways: 1) sneak in, 2) rush in, or 3) get let in as a treat. Shortly after arriving at Fahren Heights, Meso managed to use method 2, steal a bean-bag penguin, and run off with it. This piece of prey has since become his and his alone. The slightest hint of the "chka", "chka" sound of the beans rattling with immediately get Meso to attention and bring all his efforts to bear to recover HIS prey. Its very entertaining to test just how sensitive his hearing is... his range must be about 50 miles! He has since received several other bean-bag toys as gifts including a small piglet that he's literally ripped the stuffings out of.

Meso is also Howie's best friend. Take Howie and cover her with a sheet and Meso will attack her and wrestle with her. Heck, don't even bother with the blanket and watch the two velociraptors play!

Meso thinks he is top cat. Apparently this is a siamese thing. The guy at the pet store said that we'd have a new dominant cat. Well, not exactly. Meso thinks he runs the world and does command the kingdom most of the time. However, Peligro is the real top cat when he doesn't defer  to one of the ladies (GG or Ginny). Its just that Peligro doesn't want to pummel anybody. He's a pacifist until pushed too far. Meso, at least, is smart enough to know not to push 'David Banner' (Peligro) too far and unleash the 'Incredible Hulk'. Cats can create some impressive (and amusing) facial expressions. One of the best is the look on Meso's face when he realizes that he's pushed Peligro about as far as he can.

Meso is also mental.  Could be the in-breeding, who knows.  We joke sometimes that he is an inbred-jed from Arkansas (which is true because Siamese cats are inbred and Meso really is from Arkansas - so don't write me hate mail).  Anyway, he is insecure at times and REALLY hates GG.  Yikes, if two critters ever hated each other, its Meso and GG.  He also likes to lick plastic which is semi-common cat mental problem (he's the only cat WE'VE ever had that does this).

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