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Peligro means danger. Peligro IS dangerous. Peligro is also a pacifist and a lover.

Peligro was discovered on a walk during the pre-Fahren Heights days. Rather then ending up buying a snack at the convenience store, the few coins in our pockets were spent on a can of cat food for the pathetic kitten that we spotted under the motorhomes at the RV dealership. The poor little thing was pathetic, hungry, and abandoned. A little food and encouragement and he followed us home. We couldn't keep him in the apartment because he wouldn't stop meowing. He was (and still is) a smart cat, so he stayed around under a nearby junk car in one of the apartment spaces. Next morning and he was still there. Luckily there was a place for Peligro to stay at a house until we had our own house to stay in.

Peligro earned his name as all good cats do. At first he was known as "Spaz" because he was an active and odd looking kitten with big ears and a pointy little face. When he was really young he looked like a gremlin (from the movie "Gremlins"). Later, however, he told us what his real name was. One has to be careful when playing with this cat. He's takes it seriously and is very dangerous. After being scratched numerous times while playing with him (just by accident) the comment had been made many times that "man, this cat is dangerous." This led to a little word play. All of the power sub-stations (and other dangerous places) carry warnings in both English and Spanish. The Spanish warnings always say "Peligro!" (danger). Could there be a better name for this cat?

Peligro is, however, a pacifist and lover. Fattie and he are best friends. The number one cause of cavities at Fahren Heights is the sweetness of these two together. Peligro is obligated to lick Fattie, and they regularly curl up together, sleep together, and just hang-out together. These two are buddies.

[Picture of Peligro And Fattie - Snuggling Cats In Love]

A key element of Peligro's personality is that he doesn't really want to fight, but he is extremely dangerous when pushed too far. He'll generally walk away (like, leave me alone) the first few times. Both Binkle and, more recently, Meso will push him too far. Meso usually figures out that he's gone too far. Binkle, however, has been known to go WAY too far. After going too far, Binkle will howl out meows of protest as he runs for his life... Peligro, is deathly silent as he goes to work pummeling his harrasser. In one famous incident (wish we had a camcorder, it'd be a priceless video), Binkle had pushed Peligro too far and was running for his life. Binkle figured he'd go and hide under the drawers under the bed. Peligro, however, had other ideas. Before Binkle could get into the drawer to hide, Peligro slammed it shut with one paw and commenced with the pummeling. Binkle thought he was smart and clever: wrong!

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