[Picture: Stormy the cat]

Stormy is a nice old lady that has had a tough life.  She is always smartly dressed in her feline tuxedo.  She is also my pillow pal.

We met at Petsmart where Stormy was available for adoption.  She had been abused and was recovering from her injuries.  She warmed to us immediatlely and we knew we had another friend.  She has since recovered and put on a little weight (she was skin and bones).

Since Stormy has FIV (and the fact that certain other cats {especially GG} will clobber her when given the chance), she lives in our bedroom away from the rest of the rabble.   Interestingly enough, Peligro doesn't seem to mind her at all... about all he'll do when he meets her is sniff for ID and say hello... of course Peligro is an exceptionally nice cat but that's another story for his page.

Stormy likes kitty snacks and really looks forward to the servings of stinky food (Iams cans) she gets along with her regular dry fare.

Amongst the many payoffs for the copious amounts of fur she deposits on the bed are the times late at night when it is nice to reach up over my head and pet her.  She sleeps on an extra pillow at the head of the bed and is always ready to be petted and do some heavy-duty purring.  So, even though my feet end up sticking off the end of the bed to make room for her, she is well worth it.

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