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Re: Rambler remembered

Category: General
Date: 28 Sep 2002
Time: 18:14:59
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Remote User: arthur


I remember a few of them. Was that the same wagon that we have the famous photo of the time we went to Williamsburg with 6 bicyles on the roof and a trailer behind (if it stalls we'll just turn it over and ride)? As I recall at one point we were at a picnic ground many miles from home and there still managed to be a piece of cat fur in the milk (Misty sent along some for us, apparently).

I also remember a purple (grape) two-door (wasn't that the "worm car"?).

Didn't we also have a green one once?

Another favorite was the wagon dad drove for a while in Arizona that had the pushbutton (nail-breaker) transmission. The one in the picture I posted had a pushbutton transmission as well (hey, let's be modern and make everything work at the push of a button... it's the pushbutton age!).

If we have photos of some of those, it'd be a fun to scan them and put them on the site!

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