SAKITA = 10101101

A number of people have wondered about a few of my peculiarities. Given the number of them I suppose I should narrow it down a bit. Specifically, they may be curious about where the SAKITA name comes from and what the [10101101] often placed at the end of my correspondence is. So, here it is...

SAKITA is just short for [S]mart [A]lec [K]now [IT] [A]ll. This is a comment that has been leveled at certain ones of us from time-to-time... so, why not? OK, you ask... why isn't it "SAKIA?" There are two answers, the first of which is that it is the diminutive form (a good answer in the SAKITA tradition) and the second (realistic) answer is that www.sakia.com already existed before I came up with this so I settled on SAKITA and registered the domain name www.sakita.com.

Let me clear the air straight out that the 10101101 is NOT "hugs and kisses." That would be x's and o's (i.e. XOXOXXOX) which would make little sense as I'm an INTJ and not too prone to that sort of thing. Some folks have managed to come close and think themselves clever asking why I sign off with 173. Close, but no cigar. The real deal is that this is a little game having to do with the concept of digital signatures. If you haven't figured it out yet, just convert it to hexadecimal and you get my initials. Simple, arcane, bizarre, twisted, and whatever.

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