SAKITA Sound Inventory

Here is a listing of the inventory SAKITA Sound has to draw from. When custom applications need to be created its just a matter of dipping into the inventory and putting together the right toolkit for the job! Follow any of the hyperlinks below to bring up a photo of that item.

Speakers / Accessories

Picture Quantity Type Description
2 Peavey HDH1 2x15", 1x12" horn-loaded, and 4x2" compression drivers on a large horn.
2 Peavey HDH3 2x18" sub.
2 Peavey SP2-XT 1x15" + 1x2" large compression horn.
2 Peavey Impulse 100 1x10" + 1x1.4" compression horn - awesome sound in a small package!
2 Peavey 118D 1x18" sub.
2 Peavey 112 International 1x12" + 1x2" compression horn.
2 Peavey 1545 monitor 45 degree only 1x15" + 1x2" small compression horn.
1 Peavey 1545ti monitor 30 or 45 degree 1x15" + 1x2" small compression horn.
2 Soundtech 112H monitor 30 or 45 degree 1x12" + 1x small compression horn.
2 Peavey Impulse II monitor Mic stand mountable 2x4" + 1x small piezo tweeter.
1 xmt

4 rcv

NADY E03 In-ear monitors (1 transmitter and 4 receivers).
2 Peavey S-1 Tripod speaker stand.
6 Peavey 4-Pin Neutrik Speaker cables.
4 Peavey 8-Pin Neutrik Speaker cables.
8 Various 1/4" - 1/4" Speaker cables.


Amplifiers / Crossovers

Picture Quantity Type Description
1 Peavey DECA-1200 2 x 600W digital.
2 Peavey DPC-1000 2 x 500W digital.
2 Peavey DPC-750 2 x 350W digital.
2 Peavey DECA-528 2 x 250W digital.
1 Peavey ECM Crossover module mainframe.
4 Peavey Dynamic System Controler HDH Series Crossover / processor for Peavey HDH speakers.
2 2 Peavey PC4-XL Digital crossover.
2 2 Peavey PCS Processor / crossover for various Peavey speakers.


Microphones / Stands / D.I.

Picture Quantity Type Description
1 Shure SM58 L/L3 World-standard classic vocal with non-diversity wireless receiver.
1 Audio-Technica ATW1032 Wireless vocal mic with diversity receiver.
1 Shure LX/LX2 Wireless lavalier with diversity receiver.
1 Audio-Technica DR-2500 Instrument mic.
1 Crown CM10 Cabled lavalier.
2 Crown PCC160 boundary condenser (stage floor, podium, tabletop, or even kick!)
1 AKC C410 Head-set condenser (vocal or flute).
2 Crown PCC170 boundary condenser (stage floor, podium, or tabletop).
1 Shure Beta58 Vocal.
3 Shure SM57 Industry classic  instrument
7 Shure SM58 World-standard classic vocal.
2 Peavey EC10 Condenser (instrument or vocal).
2 Peavey PVM22 Vocal..
2 Peavey PVM45 Instrument.
1 Peavey PVM48 Condenser instrument.
2 Peavey PVM520i Large diaphragm (kick, instrument, or vocal).
1 Peavey PVR1 Omni condenser reference microphone.
4 4 Peavey EDI Amplifier level direct box.
1 DOD 260 Line level direct Box.
5 Peavey V-Base Microphone stand.
2 KMD Microphone stand with boom arm.
2 Miscellaneous Short microphone stand with short boom arm.
30 + Various Cables Microphone cables.
1 Heil 16x3 16 x 3 snake.
1 Whirlwind 16x3 16 x 3 snake.



Picture Quantity Type Description
1 Biamp 883B 8 channel rack-mount.
1 Mackie CR1604-VLZ 16 channel rack-mount.
1 Peavey MarkIII 16 channel in flight case.
1 Peavey PM502 DJ mixer.
2 Peavey PLM8128 8 channel MIDI controlled line mixer.
2 Peavey PLM8128E 8 channel expansion unit for Peavey PLM8128.



Picture Quantity Type Description
1 Peavey Multifex Quad digital effects unit.
1 Alesis MidiVerb II Digital effects.
1 Behringer Multicom Quad compressor.
1 Peavey Gatekeeper 5-channel noise gate.
1 Behringer Multigate Quad noise gate/expander.
3 Peavey Autograph 28-band computer controlled equalizer / analyzer.
1 Peavey Autograph II 28-band computer controlled equalizer/analyzer.
2 Peavey EQ27 27 band graphic equalizer.
2 Urei Model 539 27-band graphic equalizer.
3 Sabine FBX-900 Feedback exterminator.
1 BBE 462 Sonic enhancer.
1 AMR (Audio Media Research - Peavey) MAP 8x4 Midi controlled patch bay.
1 Ebtech hum eliminator 2-channel isolation module.


Racks and Related

Picture Quantity Type Description
2 Genz Benz R6 6-space deep rack with rear rails.
1 Genz Benz RR12-8M Mix rack (8 spaces for mixer on top and 12 spaces below).
1 Genz Benz RR16-12M Mix rack (12 spaces for mixer on top and 16 spaces below).
1 Peavey Flight Rack 11 11-space shallow flight case style rack.
2 2 Peavey Rack Bag 3 space rack in a nylon carry bag.
1 Peavey Rack Sentinal Power and light module.



Picture Quantity Type Description
1 Peavey MIDIStreamer MIDI data storage and sequence playback unit.
1 AMR (Audio Media Research - Peavey) MIDI Director Remote MIDI controller.
1 Gem Sound Fogger Fog machine.
1 Gem Sound CD 2 bin DJ CD player separate tray module and control module.
2 Peavey Peavey Lite 3000 Light bars (4 channels @ 300 W each)


Instruments and Related

Picture Quantity Type Description
1 Jupiter JFL911R French-style (open hole) B-foot C Flute.
1 Peavey DPM3SE Digital keyboard with sequencer.
1 Peavey SX-II Digital sampler (works with DPM3SE or through MIDI or SCSI).
1 Peavey TL5 5-string bass guitar.
1 Peavey T40 4-string bass guitar with Kahler tremolo.
1 Peavey Minx 110 Bass amplifier with 1 x 10" speaker.
1 Peavey TKO65 Bass amplifier with 1 x 15" Scorpion speaker.
1 Peavey Probass 1000 Bass preamp with crossover and EQ.
1 Peavey TBRaxx Tube bass preamp.
1 Peavey Classic 20 Tube guitar amplifier.
1 Fender Stratocaster Recent vintage asian-made Fender with tremolo.
1 Roland Octapad 8 pad MIDI drum controller.
1 Yamaha WX11 MIDI wind controller with sound module (sax fingering).
1 Quick Lok Small amplifier stand.

Note: Compression horn numbers listed are diaphragm size. Some folks prefer to use the horn exit size instead. In that case, take the number shown and divide by 2 (e.g. 2" compression horn has a 1" exit). At least this isn't as severe as entering pounds of thrust into spacecraft settings instead of Newtons (just ask NASA)!

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