SAKITA Sound ReinFORCEment

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Small System:

Good for small rooms and simple get-togethers, parties, receptions, and etc. Approximately 50-75 people with moderate volume.

Medium System:

Good for larger setups especially outdoors or when more bass-heavy output is required. Also good for bands. Up to 150 people depending on volume level required. The main speakers as powered below have a maximum output of around 124 dB per side.

Large System:

When big is all that will do! Typical applications include rock-n-roll, large outdoor parties, and small auditoriums depending on output required. As configured below, the main speakers have a maximum continuous output of 131 db each. Peavey HDH3 subwoofers (powered by a DECA 1200 amp - 2x600 W) may also be added to this system for extra low-end.

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